#3 – John Gillespie on Entrepreneurship Firm Culture and A Winning Team

June 23, 2020

Prospector Partners Founder and Portfolio Manager John Gillespie learned some valuable lessons in the process of starting his own asset management firm. Many of those lessons revolved around building a strong team, culture and incentive structure, but these ideas also gave him a new perspective when it came to analyzing other companies as potential investment candidates.

In this third podcast, Mr. Gillespie sits down with Havener Capital Partners founder Stacy Havener to talk more about his entrepreneurial journey and some surprises he faced along the way.

This includes details on:

  • Building and maintaining a winning culture
  • Incentivizing and retaining high-caliber employees
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs
  • A bonus Q&A involving a classic rock band and Prospector’s investment approach


Click below to listen to the podcast: Entrepreneurship, Firm Culture and a Winning Team with John Gillespie or read the transcript below. (Previously Recorded in January 2020).