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  • Fund Overview

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    Prospector Capital Appreciation Fund
  • Investment Objective:

    The investment objective of the Capital Appreciation Fund is capital appreciation.
  • Main investment strategies:

    Under normal market conditions the Capital Appreciation Fund invests primarily in a variety of equity and equity-related securities, including common stocks, convertible preferred and convertible debt securities. The Capital Appreciation Fund attempts to buy investments priced to generate long-term total returns significantly above those of general stock indices and U.S. treasuries. Using a value orientation, the Investment Manager will invest in positions in the U.S. and other developed markets. The Investment Manager’s investment strategy consists of bottom-up fundamental value analysis with an emphasis on balance sheet strength. Qualitative factors will also be considered, including quality of management, quality of product or service, overall franchise or brand value, composition of the board of directors, and the uniqueness of the business model. The Investment Manager looks for the presence of a catalyst to improve internal performance, such as a change in management, a new management incentive program closely linked to the price of the stock, the sale of an underperforming asset or business unit, or a positive change in industry fundamentals.

Allocations are subject to change at any time.