There is a story behind every person.

Prospector’s founder John Gillespie joined Havener Capital Partners founder Stacy Havener, to tell us about his story.  In this podcast, Mr. Gillespie walks us through his own journey, which started with a Wall Street Journal subscription while he was in college and eventually led to him brushing shoulders with insurance legend Jack Byrne (ex-GEICO CEO).

Today, after working at GEICO and T. Rowe Price, where he spent 11 years as an equity analyst and ultimately a portfolio manager, Mr. Gillespie can reflect on a unique set of investment experiences, as well as lessons from some of the best mentors imaginable. These include principles on running a successful business, inspiring people and managing risk.

A financial advisor once described Mr. Gillespie by saying, “He’s a true value investor, an investor in businesses, and there are so few of them left.” We encourage you to listen to the story of John Gillespie. 

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The third quarter was marked by a lot of “more of the same.” The market charged higher, with the benchmark S&P 500 gaining 771 basis points.